Creating Cultural Clarity

Experience transformation with Chris Allen, a seasoned human resource professional boasting two decades of invaluable experience in high-growth organizations.

The 16th of April 2024
Hotel Univers T, Jupiter Hall, Cluj-Napoca
Starts at 18:00

GUILD Faith invits you on a journey to create a collaborative organizational culture where people can grow, trust each other and thrive as human beings.

Guest Speaker

Chris Allen

Founder & Managing Partner of Always About People

Chris Allen‘s adeptness at shaping cultures and fostering leadership has made a lasting impact on the corporate world. As Chief Talent Officer at Movement Mortgage since 2015, he oversaw its growth from 1,500 to over 4,000 employees, managing recruiting, training, development, culture, and HR with skillful navigation of complex organizational dynamics.

Join Chris Allen, a seasoned leader with two decades of invaluable experience in high-growth organizations, on a transformative journey from Chicago to Charlotte. As Chief Talent Officer at Movement Mortgage, he orchestrated exponential growth, showcasing expertise in recruiting, training, culture, and HR.

Now a sought-after consultant and coach, Chris guides organizations in resilient culture building and people development. An engaging speaker, he blends relatability with scientific precision, delivering evidence-based talks on leadership, team dynamics, and organizational excellence. Attendees describe his events as energizing and empowering, offering actionable strategies for personal and professional growth.

Tailoring messages to your needs, Chris promises inspiration and tangible insights to elevate your journey.

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What to Expect:

Besides connecting with like-minded people and a networking opportunity, expect a dynamic presentation by a seasoned human resources professional with a wealth of experience in steering organisations through the challenges of growth and transformation, followed by an open Q&A. 


Special Guests

Tommy Lee
Tommy Lee

Founder & President
Resource Global 

Sarah Miglio
Sarah Miglio

Chief Operating Officer
Resource Global 

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Who Should Attend?




Professionals, managers, leaders, and team players who are interested in the topic of organisational development centred on creating a collaborative work culture where people can grow, trust each other and thrive as human beings.

Why Attend?

We will also announce the launch of the local chapter of Resource Global, a worldwide network of Christian marketplace leaders who are using their resources and influence to advance human flourishing and multiply gospel impact across all sectors of society.


1. În ce limbă se va desfășura întregul eveniment?

R: Evenimentul se va desfășura în limba engleză.

2. Evenimentul va fi tradus?

R: Evenimentul nu va fi tradus.

3. Care este costul de participare la eveniment?

R: Participarea este gratuită în limita locurilor disponibile.