Who we are?
Why Leaders Guild?

“A Community of authentic leaders passionate about personal, professional, and spiritual growth, promoting a culture of integrity, excellence, compassion, dialogue, and respect.


We believe that the impact of such a community is reflected in the development of society, the growth of trust, harmonized lives, healthy families, collegiality, ethical business, and the list can go on. The next generation needs role models of leaders who live a holistic life, a life where personal, professional, and spiritual plans are harmonized.


We aim to invest in a positive transformation of society through models of integral leadership. We create local communities of responsible leaders who promote a culture of integrity, excellence, collaboration, dialogue, and respect.


We establish and facilitate contexts of trust where leaders are challenged to develop in every aspect. Additionally, we generate opportunities for societal engagement for responsible leaders who are willing to get involved and contribute with their experience, knowledge, and resources.


We aim to be a vector of change with a focus on the following priorities:

Entrepreneurship and Business
Art and Culture

We are passionate leaders in what we do, striving for excellence to have a positive impact on the lives of those around us.


We respect each other, openly discuss and debate our differing beliefs in a safe and trusting environment.


We are open, transparent, and vulnerable about the areas where we need to grow. Often, we learn more from our mistakes than from our successes.


We share our experiences and resources with those around us so that everyone can grow.

Why join the community?

If you want to be inspired and challenged to reach your full potential through continuous growth and development professionally, personally, and spiritually, then come join us!

Every context is carefully designed to facilitate healthy networking and to connect us with other influential leaders who value integrity, excellence, contribution, and transparency. We believe there is a clear need for leaders who are integral, authentic, accountable, responsible, and actively engaged in society. That’s why we’re building communities of leaders who aspire to become better people and more efficient professionals, to live a meaningful life with impact.

What makes
us different?

In GUILD communities, leaders are willing to contribute and assist others with their experience and resources. Leaders have the courage to be open, vulnerable, and transparent because they have a sense of security about their identity, purpose, and mission in life.

Each leader can share personal challenges and joys and receive support from other experienced leaders. Relationships and bonds become very strong among leaders in GUILD.

You can only enter GUILD by invitation. There is no cost to become a member.

In GUILD, there is no financial interest; people do not come to gain advantages or benefits for themselves or their organizations.